B.E.S.T. Grant Benefits Camp For Blind

Remember summer camp as a child? How we looked forward to a week away from Mom and Dad, surrounded by nature, engaging in activities we didn’t normally get to.  Well, because of you, Opportunities Unlimited for the Blind (OUB) will be able to grant this same experience to children who are blind or have low vision.  A camp experience where they can DO things-they help others, learn to cook, create art, learn about the environment and do other hands-on activities.

 It is rare for blind/low vision children to have access to these kinds of activities through school or home; but thanks to the Masonry’s B.E.S.T. Grant, OUB will be able to expand and provide the right adaptive environment, affording these children the experiences that will yield them more self- confidence and motivation to learn skills so they can become more independent.  Self-care skills increase self- reliance, reduces anxiety and depression and creates a positive outlook on their life.

Thank you for your continued support; you are truly making a difference in the lives of youth all over the great state of Michigan!

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