Michigan Child ID Program

For more than a decade, Michigan Masons have been helping parents and law enforcement secure a peace of mind should the tragedy of a missing child occur through the Michigan Child ID Program. Masonic Lodges throughout the state of Michigan distribute more than 5,000 identification kits to parents at community and school events each year, provided for free through the generosity and volunteerism of the Masons.

Michigan Masons believe that every child deserves to be safe. While countless children fall victim to predators each year, there are steps that parents can take to help prevent this horrific tragedy. The Michigan Masons have partnered with the experts in this field to assure they are providing parents and communities with the most up to date credible and relevant resources in the field.

The Michigan Child ID Program, hosted by our Michigan Masons and their lodges provides parents and guardians with a “Child ID Kit” that contains all the vital information necessary to expedite law enforcement efforts to locate a missing child. The program also helps to educate families about abduction prevention and safety.

Promoting the FBI’s Child ID app, the Michigan Masons, are helping to put your child’s safety in your own hands. This free app is available through the App Store on iTunes and adds the latest photos of your child and key information that can be updated regularly. In the unlikely event that a child goes missing, the app can be activated to disseminate the information to law enforcement authorities. Be assured that no information about a child will be collected or stored by the Michigan Masons, the FBI or iTunes.

In addition, the Michigan Masons have partnered with the national Child Identification program to provide free ID kits. Each kit includes an inkless fingerprint kit, DNA collection kits, and wallet information cards. This kit has helped protect more than 30 million children across the United States.

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No data or information on recipients of ChildID kits, except the initial permission form, is kept by The Michigan Masonic Charitable Foundation, sponsoring Lodge, or any volunteers.

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