Model Student Assistance Program

The Masonic Model Student Assistance Program (MMSAP) is an intensive workshop designed to help educators, and anyone who works with youth, identify, intervene and create appropriate referrals for students who may be at risk due to substance abuse, depression, suicide, violence and other harmful behaviors. The research-based training provides insight for early and effective intervention for those students who display negative behavioral patterns which threaten their success at school.

Program Details

Today’s children find the journey to adulthood fraught with more challenges than ever before. External pressures such as parental job loss or even drug use, coupled with intense bullying at school, can lead to declines in academic performance, as well as depression and suicide.

Fortunately, there is help.

The Model Student Assistance Program trains educators in setting up in-school Core Teams to observe and take action to provide help to at-risk children. The intensive three-day training session is offered to any school in Michigan and offers practice sessions designed to simulate real events. Presentations are also given on subjects including “Characteristics of an Addictive Family,” “Pharmacological Effects of Drugs,” and “Creating a Crisis Response Team.”

The objective is early and effective intervention with students demonstrating patterns of behavior that could threaten their success at school and could be indicators of problems associated with internal or external abuse.

During training, information is presented on developmental assets and the role they play in a child’s life. The MMSAP program focuses on the emotional and social learning of our children, sending them a lifeline of hope.

Training and materials have been developed by Newman/Stecher International & Thom Stecher & Associates, educational consulting firms that provide training and technical assistance to educators. Services are offered to school districts, state departments of education and community groups throughout the country.

To date, more than 4,000 educational professionals—teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals, coaches, support staff, counselors and others—have completed the MMSAP program in addition to more than 1,000 students and parents.

Education professionals can receive up to five (5) continuing educational credits (CEUs) from Ferris State University. A nominal fee applies to participants.

2-Day Training

The MMSAP 2-day training consists of high-task orientation, overview of at-risk topics and action planning. Participants leave with action plans for at-risk issues, information on drug, alcohol, bullying, violence and suicide issues. May include individualized life skills, behavioral intervention and program development plans.

1-Day Training/Booster Options

  • Safe Schools: School-wide approach to building a caring community, bullying prevention, conflict management and violence prevention
  • Booster program (in person or via video conference)
  • Administrator academy
  • Diversity and leveraging differences
  • Depression & suicide prevention
  • Masonic youth group/adult leadership and development training
  • Unity Day for high schools and middle schools
  • Unity Day parent program
  • Understanding and teaching children affected by poverty.
  • Courage to lead: authenticity & vulnerability
  • Art of Communication: body language and other essential skills

Model Student Assistance Program Resources

Book an MMSAP Training Session

MMSAP/Safe Schools Training is provided to organizations free of charge courtesy of the generosity of Michigan Masons. A light breakfast and lunch is provided for full-day sessions.


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