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Meet the Charitable Foundation’s staff who help manage needs of Masons, their families and the community. Our staff of four dedicated individuals help lighten the burdens of those less fortunate.

Kelly McPherson

Kelly Thompson

MMCF Director


I had been working at Masonic Pathways for three years when the Human Resources Director came to my office with a job opportunity for the Michigan Masonic Charitable Foundation. Little did I know that a 30- minute interview with Walt Wheeler would have life changing results.

The last eight years with the Foundation have been the most rewarding of my life; it is not just a job, it’s a passion. I have learned so much about myself through the experience of serving others, affording them the opportunity to change their lives through philanthropy or receiving help through the programs we offer.

When people ask me what I do for a living, I can honestly say, “I impact lives… every day”. I am so proud of the Fraternity and the opportunities they grant to people, and I am honored to be a part of it.

I am the mother of three amazing and very busy teenage boys and in my spare time, I enjoy reading and traveling with my love.

Kristina Ostrander

Kristina Ostrander

Stewardship Officer

(989) 466-3010

At a very young age, strong work ethics were instilled in me. I enjoyed working and dove right into the work force. I started babysitting, working on our family farm, and at 16 I was hired into the Dietary department at Masonic Pathways. I fell in love with the residents and staff and knew this would be my work home. I was unsure exactly where I would land but I knew I wanted it to be in this organization. I have been very lucky in my career here, as doors always opened at the perfect time leading me to where I am now. Over my 20 year career I have been blessed to work with residents, staff, donors, and the fraternity. I have created long lasting bonds through the various positions I have been in. This has become my home. I graduated high school, got married, and had two beautiful daughters during my career here. I plan to have many more life milestones as I continue my career with this organization. I love what I do and what we do. I love that we can help people on every level.

Amanda Bass

Amanda Bass

Operations Coordinator/Lodge Charity Account Coordinator

(989) 466-3076

I started my journey of helping those around me when I was just a little girl. My great grandmother was not well. During one of our last visits with her she had needed some extra assistance getting around and I was eager to step in. That day I realized I wanted to help people but at that point I didn’t know how. I progressed through my schooling and found out about Certified Nurses Aid (CNA) classes. I completed the CNA certification in High School and shortly thereafter I was hired by Masonic Pathways in 2005. My years at the Pathways building have been a very rewarding experience and has helped me fulfill my core desire to assist others through numerous positions within the building. Whether it was helping the residents and their families as a CNA, activity aid, or receptionist, my co-workers while in the Human Resources Department, or our donors and Masons in my current position with the Charitable Foundation. I’ve learned how much the Foundation helps residents of Pathways and the communities throughout Michigan through the generosity of our wonderful donors and Masonic Lodges. In my time working here I have graduated college obtaining a degree in Applied Health Sciences, gotten married, had my two beautiful little girls, and settled down in the little countryside of Sumner. As the current Administrative & Database Assistant I look forward to helping you with your needs and any other general support I can give.

Theresa Quezada

Theresa Quezada, CFRE

Special Gifts Officer

(989) 466-3012

Working for the Michigan Masons for my career of more than 35 years was not the plan was when I began at Central Michigan University, but it’s something I wouldn’t trade for the world. I graduated from CMU with a degree in Recreation and Park Administration, specializing in Therapeutic Recreation to work with clients that have physical or mental health disabilities. What actually happened, I landed an internship at a local nursing home where, much to my surprise, I fell in love with working with the elderly. Eventually, I accepted the position of Director of Activities for the Michigan Masonic Home, and there I worked for the next 20 years, and then another 5 years as the Admissions Manager, where I met many wonderful people whom I helped move into Pathways.

When I heard there may be an opening in the Michigan Masonic Charitable Foundation it really peaked my interest and I decided to apply. I was awarded the position and went on to earn my Fund Raising Executive certificate. I love utilizing my strengths of creativity to build relationships and to help our donors fulfill their philanthropy passions. I enjoy giving back to the community and to the causes that speak to my heart, and I aspire to be even more philanthropic as the years go by. I also am very fulfilled by working in the Masonic Home where I interact with and fundraise for the seniors that I love.

My home life is pretty hectic as I have two grown children and three grown step-children, two grandchildren, two dogs and two cats. Those who know me well can tell you I would have a lot more animals if it weren’t for my husband “putting his size 12 boot down.” I love to read, watch movies, flower garden and work on assorted craft projects. My husband and I also like camping and boating.

Dirk Hughes

Dirk Hughes

Director Michigan Masonic Museum and Library

(616) 459-9336

Dirk W. Hughes was raised a Master Mason in Valley City Lodge #86 (now Grand Rapids Lodge #34) in 1996, where he served as Worshipful Master for two terms from 2001 to 2003. He recently served again as Worshipful Master in Grand Rapids Lodge #34 for the 2014-2015 term. Active in the Scottish Rite NMJ, Brother Hughes served as Thrice Potent Master of Moriah Lodge of Perfection in 2007-2008 and was coroneted a 33° Mason in 2010. He has had a lifelong love of history and feels his B.A. in English and Juris Doctor degree act as strong compliments to that continuing devotion. In his spare time he enjoys writing, painting, camping, and beekeeping. Brother Hughes has been the interim monitor of the Michigan Masonic Museum and Library since April 2014. In his new capacity as Director, he looks forward to evolving the museum as a premier source of masonic and historical education for the fraternity and the general public alike.

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